27 June 2016

Pinot Salon, a discerning exploration

To make great wines, one needs to taste great wines.

This sentiment is at the heart of the Cloudy Bay winemaking philosophy. 

And, this Cloudy Bay philosophy finds its unique expression during worldwide tasting events hosted by Estate director Ian Morden or Technical Director Jim White.

From Sydney to Tokyo, Cloudy Bay hosts Pinot Salons, a new forum for the discerning enjoyment of Pinot Noir. 

Along with an external moderator, Cloudy Bay representatives, present an array of exceptional wines and personal favourites, each of which, in their own way, is an inspiration for the Cloudy Bay winemaking team.

In an intimate conversational setting, guests are invited to contribute their own perspectives on two carefully selected flights of six wines. Prominent among these wines are Cloudy Bay’s most recent Pinot Noir and Te Wahi 2014 from Central Otago.

Cloudy Bay Estate Director, Ian Morden says, “Not many people know that Cloudy Bay began producing Pinot Noir in 1989. Since then we have discretely acquired some of the finest Pinot Noir vineyards in New Zealand and we are inspired by the broader world of wine in our approach to that grape.

Pinot Salon is an opportunity to share those inspirations and influences with friends and peers. The Salon is in the spirit of our annual event, Pinot at Cloudy Bay, a peer group tasting that we have hosted at our winery since 2000.

In this celebratory tasting, we have always included the wines of other eminent winemakers alongside our own – it is much more sociable and interesting to do it that way, and it cuts to the core of our philosophy of tasting and making great wines.”