Te Koko 2019

After two years without a release, Te Koko is back.

Sauvignon Blanc is a variety of remarkable hidden depths, and Te Koko 2019 is serious, subtle and complex. For viticulturist John Flanagan, Te Koko is the ultimate test of focus and the search for perfection.

“After not making Te Koko for the last two vintages, it was important that we were able to not only make a 2019 Te Koko but make it a great example of this wine,” he says. “I think we’ve achieved that in spades, with a dense and powerful wine that honours the vision of the original winemaking team who dreamt of making a Sauvignon Blanc with a difference.”

Nikolai St. George, our senior winemaker, is excited to finally unveil a wine that has been quietly maturing in our cellars.

“Since Te Koko is made with wild yeasts and barrel fermentation, it’s a wine that only appears when the fruit is perfect. 2019 was such a year,” he says.

Nikolai says this year’s twin release of Te Koko alongside our standard Sauvignon Blanc (read more here) is a unique opportunity to compare two great vintages and two unique styles.

“This year is a chance to explore our full vision of Sauvignon Blanc as a variety. Subtle seriousness meets vibrant intensity. I hope you have an opportunity to taste them side-by-side.”

For a closer look at Te Koko and the team that created it, check out the video below.