16 June 2016

Te Wahi, at the edge of the world

In 1985, David Hohnen created Cloudy Bay, the ultimate expression of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Thirty years on, the Cloudy Bay team are keeping that adventurous spirit alive, journeying to one of the country’s most challenging winemaking regions: Central Otago.

Te Wahi is our limited release Pinot Noir from Central Otago. ‘Te Wahi’, is a Maori saying depicting, “the place”. Cloudy Bay believes that great Pinot Noir speaks of its origin and Te Wahi provides our encapsulation of the extremely southerly and continental Pinot Noir terroir of Central Otago.

“It takes time to understand ‘the place’,” says Viticulturist Jim White. “With our work in this region, we have come to learn the raw terroir and to hone our skills in expressing Central Otago Pinot Noir through the Cloudy Bay winemaking lens.” White adds that, “In exploring the greater landscape of New Zealand Pinot Noir, we will continue to hone our skills as viticulturists and winemakers.”

From vintage 2014, Te Wahi is a blend of grapes from two special vineyard sites, the silky and dense Calvert vineyard on Felton Road in Bannockburn and Cloudy Bay's newly acquired rugged structural Northburn vineyard on the East bank of Lake Dunstan. The Calvert vineyard consists of uniform silty loam soils, formed as part of an ancient lake bed with an altitude of 230m. The Northburn vineyard has mix of 3 soil types, all of glacial origin, across the sloping site at 220-275m of altitude. These complimentary sites share lineage and potential, as well as finesse and power. “The Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir program was initiated in the early 1990s with the goal of making the most expressive Pinot Noir wines from New Zealand,” comments Senior Winemaker, Tim Heath. “We are enjoying the adventure of exploring this exciting and relatively new wine region and have been very fortunate to secure two excellent and unique vineyards in Calvert and Northburn. These carefully selected and cultivated sites are the foundation of our own special Cloudy Bay expression of Central Otago Pinot Noir.”

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